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Hooooboy, this is a dusie!
ERS has clients who use Source Connect or AudioTX Communicator, and some even have both. Coming from someone who supports both technologies and designed's bridging system which handles both systems, in my experience, here is the bottom line:

1- AudioTX needs less bandwidth when using an IP connection to achieve a similar level of sound quality as Source Connect

2- AudioTX can be used with an ISDN modem and NT1 adaptor as well as in Internet connection. Source Connect is IP only.

3- AudioTX requires that at least one user has a Static IP address so that the other user will know what address to connect to and can save it as a preset. Otherwise the IP address will be different each time, a major inconvenience. Source Connect manages your contacts on their server so either of you can use any IP address without issue.

4- AudioTX requires the user who receives the connection (usually the studio) to know how to setup Port Forwarding and possibly a account, should they have a dynamic IP address.

5- AudioTX will likely NEVER run on a Mac without running Windows in Bootcamp. SC runs on Mac or PC, Pro Tools, many VST or AU compliant applications, and stand-alone.

6- AudioTX has no way to "Patch In" to another software the way Source Connect can. EG: If your audio chain relies on an EQ, compressor setting, or the like in Pro Tools, Source Connect will receive your audio signal post processing so your client hears your voice tweaked the way you like it. AudioTX is STRICTLY a stand alone product and has no way to "ReWire" into another application.

7- AudioTX requires the use of a proprietary USB dongle, which if lost or damaged voids the use of your software. When purchased you must wait for it to arrive from the UK and pay a considerable shipping fee (around $75) to cover the insurance at 599 GBP (check current exchange rates). SC uses an iLok, for which you can use their "Zero Downtime" service to keep a spare iLok USB key on hand should you lose the licensed iLok.

8- Source Connect costs $650 for the standard version, which is adequate for most home studio users. Just get an iLok, purchase the license, and you are good to go. If you buy it from ERS you'll receive free over the phone setup assistance, which is not available from Source Elements or AudioTX.

9- Source Connect support is Europe AND US based, while AudioTX is only in the UK and generally harder to reach, although support is improving. 

Last updated on February 18, 2010 by ERS Member