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Voiceover Technology FAQ > SOFTWARE > Has anyone recorded Skype conversations and if so, using what program? Would Audio Hijack (for Mac only) work?

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Audio HiJack is a great application for the Mac, and probably your best choice. However, in PC land you have a few more options, and one of them completely free. In the Windows mixer panel, you can Select the record source as the Wave Output. That means your software will record ANYTHING that is playing back on your PC's internal audio, including audio coming in from your Skype caller. The problem that arises is if you want to record yourself at the same time, things get more complicated. You'd need to run another application to record YOUR voice with your audio interface.
I still find that the best and easiest way to do record both sides of the conversation is to use a simple cheap mixer to route the audio from your Skype call (1/8" jack on your computer) back into your audio interface's 2nd input (one is your mic, the other is the caller).

Last updated on September 14, 2009 by George Whittam