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Voiceover Technology FAQ > COMPUTER HARDWARE/OS > I was still getting the pops and clicks when I wasn’t running Leopard though and my computer crashes all the time with that black screen coming up saying I need to restart.

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Before you throw in the towel, I would backup the data, and do an Erase and Install of OS 10.4 with your system discs, then do a Combo update to OS 10.4.11. Google "Combo update 10.4.11 PPC" and you'll see it on Apple's site. Archive and Restore OS 10.4 Tiger, do the update, then install Pro Tools again, I think you'll find it way more stable. This fills in some gaps left when doing "incremental updates" that Apple sends every few months. It's well known to fix Pro Tools problems.

Last updated on September 14, 2009 by George Whittam