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Voiceover Technology FAQ > AUDIO HARDWARE > What's a good, inexpensive mic preamp for my microphone?

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If you have a Mackie VLZ3 or Onyx preamp, you've already got some decent preamps built in.  There are countless options for external preamps, but I've found a few that seem to be the best deal and most versitle.  If you want the complete control of a channel strip, the best deal going is the dbx 286a.  If you want all the control, plus a tube circuit and built in A/D converter, the Aphex 230 is a nice way to go.  For ultra clean preamping with no bells and whistles, the Grace 101 is a super way to go.  In the same price range is the Universal Audio 610, but with a tube circuit. For a great tube preamp at a reasonable price with compression and EQ that shows up often in the big studios, check out the Avalon Vt-737SP. 

However, if you need portability the CEntrance MicPort Pro has a great preamp built in and plugs directly into the mic.  For it's price you won't find a better sounding preamp, let alone USB interface. 

Last updated on October 11, 2009 by George Whittam