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Voiceover Technology FAQ > AUDIO HARDWARE > What are my choices for ISDN service in the US? How do you order ISDN service? Does it come in a bundle with telephone line and internet, or is this totally different and should be purchased separate?

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Your ISDN supplier will be whatever telephone company serves your location. If you get Verizon service, then it's Verizon. If ATT, then it's ... you guessed it. ISDN service is not bundled with anything, it's completely separate and must be ordered from the correct department. The order process is not trivial, you must know what to ask for. Here's a guide from Telos Systems, the makers of the Zephyr.

It costs $50-$800/month plus long distance (depending on where you are located) for the basic service, just to have the line active at your location.  The TelCo charges a fee to establish the service and install the jack in your home/office, around $200-$300.  

You must purchase an "ISDN Codec" box to connect to your existing VO studio equipment, ranging in price from $500 for older used to $3000+ for new equipment.   I most cases you'll need an audio mixer as well.  Your studio must be devoid of outside noise and have professional sounding acoustics.   

Last updated on April 28, 2015 by Adrian Rosen