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Voiceover Technology FAQ > AUDIO HARDWARE > My Mbox 2 makes a high pitched whining noise only when recording. How do I get rid of it?

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It's a common problem with MBox 2's and Minis with certain computers. This is a tough one that even Digidesign doesn't seem to have a definitive answer for. There are several things you can try:
0. Insert ground lift plug adapter for computer monitor, computer, and other components, adding one at a time until noise goes away
1. Try installing a USB card in your PC and use that instead.
2. Try switching USB cables, use the shortest one you can.
3. Try using a USB cable with "chokes" installed (those little cylinders).
4. Use a different computer.
5. Get an older Mbox (first generation), they seem to be immune to this.
6. MBox 2 users can use an external A/D converter and use the S/PDIF inputs instead, this is MUCH cleaner and quieter. There are a number of mic preamps with A/D built in, like the Aphex 230 for Focusrite Liquid channel, to name a couple.
7. One user found disconnecting his monitors made the noise go away while recording. Inconvenient, but whatever works in a pinch. 

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