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Although a mixer is not always required depending on the audio interface you are using with the computer, it is HIGHLY recommended.
You can use a phone patch with ANY mixer that has an Aux Send.
It's all about creating a "mix-minus". You either need a mixer with the Alt 3/4 bus (Mackie, Behringer, Alesis), OR you must use the PAN or Balance control so the phone patch doesn't end up in your recorded voice track. 

Here's how:

1. Mixer mic input channel- Aux Send 1 turned up to unity
2. Aux Send 1 jack- patched to input of hybrid
3. Mixer mic/line input channel- output of hybrid
4. Leave Aux Send 1 knob DOWN on mixer channel with hybrid
5. Turn Aux Send 1 knob up or down to adjust your volume TO your caller.
6. Turn the mixer hybrid channel fader up or down to control volume FROM your caller. EDIT: Engage Alt 3/4 bus (MUTE) or pan to the right and only record the left channel, for example.
7. If caller needs playback, just turn up the Aux Send 1 knob on the channel your recording interface is plugged into on your mixer. If your mixer does NOT have an ALT 3/4 bus like the Mackies, make sure fader for the computer is turned down while recording, or you will have a feedback loop.
Here's a nice PDF with pictures, thanks to BSW.

Last updated on October 11, 2009 by ERS Member