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Audio Processing Setup: Stacks, Racks, & Chains

Starting at $75


It used to be OK to just send out your recordings “flat” or “dry” with no processing of any kind. Those were the old days when every production had a skilled audio engineer whose job was to spruce up your audio, sweeten, master, that sort of thing.

Now, in many cases, the audio you deliver should be “ready for air”, or at least sound that way. Your file may go right into their Final Cut session, as is, and have a very hard time “cutting” in the mix.  Especially AUDITIONS should be processed!  

Producing a Podcast in Adobe Audition, Reaper or Pro Tools*?  George can build a template multitrack session with processing on each track to give you a great Podcast mix, every time!

George knows WHAT IT TAKES, and how to reproduce professional results with YOUR studio and software. He’ll show you how in an easy to learn and repeat method, on almost any audio recording software available. 

George Whittam will review your audio, come up with a processing scheme for your voice, style of read, and recording software. Then we’ll send you the sample for approval, along with instructions explaining how to reproduce the settings in an easy to use preset (template/chain/stack/rack)!

 *Other DAW’s considered on a case-by-case basis

George Whittam will:

  • review your audio sample
  • process it for your voice, style of read, and studio acoustics
  • send you a processed sample for approval
  • send instructions on how to import the custom preset 


Just follow the TWO easy steps!


STEP 1:  Purchase a the service for your DAW (recording software)
Buy 2 get 1 FREE for TwistedWave or Audition if you order a “3 pack”.

-If you need analog equipment or UAD plugins dialed, in please schedule a support session 

 -Don’t see your DAW listed?  Please schedule a support session instead

DAW Options


STEP 2:  Send your recording samples and studio description

If you don’t follow these instructions, there will be a delay in completing the project as we must ask you for this information, which puts your project back into the queue.   

Using the submission form below, please send your audio samples, and a document (.txt, .doc, .docx, PDF) with the name and version of your DAW software (eg: Audition CC 2017), a description of your equipment, and any notes that will assist us with your goals. Please combine your sample(s) and document in a .zip file to keep them together (zip file optional). 

If your source audio is not useable, we’ll let you know with instructions for next steps on how to resolve the issues.

For best results, audio files should be as follows:

• MP3 (Mono, 128 kbps or higher), AIFF, or WAV

• No longer than 1 minute

• Read ACTUAL COPY in the style you need a preset for

• Include few seconds of “live mic” silence at the beginning or end of the read, so we can hear the room tone

• One audio file per genre

• Filename(s) must start with your name and the files’ genre (e.g., GeorgeWhittam-commercial.wav)

• Audio should have no processing or normalization applied – send it exactly as it came from your mic!


Upload your files by typing your email into the box below then dragging all your files into the box. 

Upload Files through

George will usually send your processed file and set-up instructions within 5 work days.  

Rush charge of $50 available for under 24 hour turnaround