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Audiobook Recording - Total Technical Training $500

 If you need to create the perfect audio book recording for ACX or other publishers that require “finished” or “mastered” files and don’t know how to get there, this is the service for you!

George will provide the information you need to produce a professional finished product efficiently, complete with mastering effects settings custom created for you.  

Included in the package are the following:

1- Notes on your recording equipment, software and acoustics, plus recommendations for improvements. 

2- Guidance on complete workflow and file management training for quality yet efficient production, including how to work with a 3rd party proofer.  

3- Provide your edited recording up to 10 minutes in length (or one chapter, whichever is less) and George will evaluate it for sound quality and editing, and give suggestions on how to improve.  

4- George will create the perfect audio mastering settings for your voice, room, microphone, and delivery style, then provide instructions and/or templates to replicate the sound.  

5- You’ll receive a fully processed audio file for your review.

6- Finally, you’ll send us the next segment (up to 10 minutes) of audio that you produced on your own, and we’ll listen to the entire file, checking for any mistakes, glitches, and audio processing issues.  We’ll provide notes based on what we’ve heard, and hopefully give you the green light to finish your project! 

Note:  Sorry, TwistedWave for iOS not supported.


Just follow the TWO easy steps!

STEP 1:  Purchase

For each custom effects preset you would like created, please purchase one credit below:

Select your DAW


STEP 2: Send us your audio file(s)



Audio files must have the following criteria:

1- Mono AIFF or WAV (MP3 not acceptable for mastering)

2- No longer than 10 minutes

3- About 15 seconds of room tone (recorded with mic on, no speaking) at the top or bottom of file

4- Filename(s) must start with your name (First_Last_Book_Title.wav)

5- Audio should have no processing or normalization applied

6- List your audio chain and software version and contact info in an text file, zipped along with your audio files


Upload Files through