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Learn TwistedWave with George Whittam


Learn voice-over recording and editing techniques at your own pace with our library of tutorial videos.   We’ll add new videos on a regular basis that teach a wide range of skills, from basic software and hardware installationand setup, to advanced effects processing techniques and audio production.

Whether you use Mac, Windows, Audacity, TwistedWave, Audition, Soundforge, or Pro Tools, you’ll find a video to help you here.  Please be patient as the library grows.  Have a suggestion for a tutorial?  We’d love to hear it!

Once you create your user account, you’ll login to purchase or view each video.  Purchases never expire, so watch as often as you need.  Watch the videos from your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad!  We recommend viewing them full-screen beginning to end the first time, then view it in a small window as you follow along in your software.  



Using TwistedWave with the Shure PG42USB



The following content will be made available in the coming weeks.


Lesson 1:  The Basics of TwistedWave.  Setting preferences, configuring audio devices, recording, navigating, editing, basic effects, and saving to MP3 are covered in this tutorial.  
This is a video covering an older generation of TwistedWave, but it is still quite valid today.

Lesson 2:  Learn how to use Effects and Stacks  to create an efficient workflow and stellar sounding auditions with ease! 

 Lesson 3:  Delve deeper into Effects and learn to use Equalizers to your advantage! 

Any Mac user will benefit since these effects are common to Logic and Garageband, as well. 

Lesson 4:  Advanced Features 

Learn to use Batch Processing, Keyboard Shortcuts, Tone Generators, and Import from YouTube