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Travel Tech Support- One Week Unlimited, $500!


About to go away for vacation and sweating bullets you'll be able to keep up with client demand recording away from home?

Using Source Connect and want to know if it will work where you are planning to travel?

Need backup internet connectivity and don't know how to find it?

Concerned the location you'll have for recording won't cut it?  


Sign up for a One Week Travel Support subscription and get the highest level support George The Tech has to offer!  If you are gone for more than one week, added weeks can be purchased.

Includes the following:

  • Support from Source Elements for Source Connect included
  • Our support plans give you access to the support you need, when you need it.   Never hesitate to call again when there's just a "tiny" issue driving you crazy that we can help you fix remotely.  Keep your studio running like a well-oiled machine.  
  • Members receive priority response times over other customers.  That means we'll get to your emergency faster!   In most cases less than one hour is what you can expect.
  • Phone, email, text or chat, and remote computer access*.  We can control your computer (with your permission only, of course!), and guide you through a sticky spot far easier than ever could be done by telephone alone.  
  • Access to remote support over extended hours of 8AM to 10PM PST, Monday through Friday.  
  • We contact with hotel internet service providors to verify suitable data speeds and access are available.
  • Locate nearest ISDN studios (if applicable) for backup
  • Spec your travel kit for successful sessions
  • Make recommendations about your acoustic treatment options upon arrival
  • Check your audio at the location
  • Make a custom processing template for the remote location


STEP 1:  Purchase the Service

At LEAST ONE WEEK in advance, more advance notice the better off you'll be!

$500 (per week, you can add more from the cart)



STEP 2:  Send us your travel details

  • Dates of departure and arrival home
  • Hotel name, phone number, and website address
  • Client needs:  Turn around time, average number of sessions per day, file delivery (FTP, ISDN, Source Connect)
  • Equipment you'll use to record while traveling