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Our Clients

The following client list represents Voice Actors, Studios, Talent Agencies, Bridging Services, as well as University Broadcast Radio stations. All of these names have one thing in common: George Whittam has personally worked with each one to provide an array of services ranging from designing and building a studio, providing technical advice, setting up ISDN services, Source Connect, or building a VO2GO kit. Find out what George Whittam can do for you!

Some clients have audio testimonials, which can be heard by clicking on the play button next to each name. 

If you are a happy client and would like to join our growing list of amazing talent, please submit yours by visiting this page.

Lori AlanJamie AndersonJohn Armstrong, Charlotte-AnnSteve BarrChad BrannonKimberly D. BrooksPeter Brooks, Jamie BuckStephen BuskenJoe CappellettiConnor Carson HeimStefan ChinellJoe CiprianoHoward CoganJonathan CookPhil CrowleyJim CummingsJoan CusackDoug deNanceMelissa Disney Claire DodinPat DukeEthan EricksonLee EskeyMiguel FerrerMark Fiore (Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist), Sam FontanaPat FraleyPablo FranciscoChris FriesLarissa GallagherAnne GanguzzaKevin GershanKathy GrableCayman GrantSusan HaightHerb HellerChris HewardJason HildebrandtJimmy HodsonKendra HoffmanJulian HollowayRodd HoustonT J JonesKAPU Azusa Pacific University, Tom KanePaige KingDon Vanessa MarshallAaron May, Jordan MarderSteve MasonJason McCoyPeter McHughMary McKitrickDiane MerrittDebbie Munro, Greg O'Neill, Out of Hear, Paul Pape, Howard Parker, Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo, Jim Pratt, Rhett S. Price, Paul QuinnBill RatnerLinda RistigStephanie Riggio, Rick RoblesMark RollingsScott RummellSBV Sutton, Barth & Vennari Talent, Nick Schatzki, Slot-1 Recording Studio, Stephen A Smith, Steve Stone, Joe SzymanskiTAMIRJim Tasker, Nick Tate, John Taylor, Phil Terrence, Tom TestRandy ThomasToy Box Entertainment, Kiff Vanden HeuvelAlex VerdeSylvia VillagranRick WassermanRolonda WattsBeau Weaver, Debi Mae West, Dean White, William Morris Endeavor, Jason WillingerNancy Wolfson, and Zurek 





Jim Tasker

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I've had several compliments recently from mixers stating how incredible my set up sounds compared to the other sessions they have throughout the day and night.  Whatever magic you work you are doing it right... no words can express how grateful I am to know you. Thank you for helping me live my dream in the best way possible.. and you should know you are making many audio mixers in the world, VERY HAPPY! Of course I tell them it's all because of George Whittam :) Blessings to you and the family,


Anne Ganguzza

 George, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done in helping me to obtain my SaVoa accreditation .  More importantly though - Thank you, thank you, thank you -  for your unwavering support, your incredible expertise, and your steadfast guidance in helping me improve my audio quality and my home studio.  You have been invaluable to me in so many ways and I am so very grateful to you!  You have such a special gift that goes far beyond just your technical knowledge, but comes from the heart with your sincere desire to really help people and make a difference.  I am truly honored to and blessed to know you.

Note: Anne Ganguzza is a newly SaVoa accredited voice actor from Orange County, CA



Hi, my name is Zurek; I’m narrator for HBO Pay Per View Boxing, also promo voice for the BT networks, and signature voice for over fifty radio stations all over the place in cities like Minagua, Nicaraugua, New York, L.A., Chicago.  I love my job.  So much so that I have a tendency to twist some buttons I shouldn’t, because that’s not what I do, professionally, but ERS does, and George is the man.  I met him at Voice 2008.  Joe Cipriano said, “Y’all, that’s the guy you need to deal with, in case you ever screw your buttons up, you can call George and get him via phone patch—and I have—or contact him via Skype, Source Connect, mp3, FTP, whatever you need, George is there, and most importantly, he is dependable.  There are people with million dollar voices and people with million dollar ears, and George is the man.  ERS is the only way to go for me.

Rick Wasserman
Hi, my name is Rick Wasserman.  I live in West Hollywood, California, and I have a studio that George built in my garage.  The clients I’ve been working with through the years include: Fox, Fox Sports, FSN,(that’s a lot of Fox), HBO, Discovery, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, The Military Channel, Food Network, and multiple trailer houses.  The services I provide for my clients include ISDN, Source Connect, phone patch, FTP, you name it, George has set it up.  It’s a very thorough studio.  I’ve been a client of ERS for about five years.  The truth is, I can’t really imagine doing this without George.  I heard about George’s service through Howard Parker.  Howard and I share a manager, and when I moved to Los Angeles from New York, it got to the point where I thought, ‘You know what?  Voice over is here, and it’s here to stay, and I should upgrade myself. I should have a studio instead of sitting myself in my closet, and reading into a Mr. Microphone amongst my wife’s clothes.’  So, I asked Howard who he uses, and he said, “George!”  Through the years, ERS has provided me with a whisper room , all the connections to a phone patch, ISDN connection , mixer board, recording software, George has supervised the soundproofing of my garage, and many, many other projects.  George has always gone way beyond the call of duty and is certainly worth every penny I’ve ever spent.  As technically savvy as I like to think I am, I’m not.  There’s a lot of things I just don’t know how to do.  George has set up my studio so I don’t even have to think.  I really just have to push a series of buttons that he’s laid out for me.  Everything is fine-tuned for my voice.  I have two different microphones that help me sound two different ways.  They’re already preset to all the specifications I need to make the sound I need to make.  The people that I know who are really interested in voice over and are starting to make a career out of it, they need a home studio, and it’s becoming more affordable to do.  And when they ask me who they should get, I tell them George, hands down.  I tell them, if they want it done right the first time, call George!

Alex Verde
Hello, this is Alex Verde, and I’m a full time voice talent in Laguna Niguel, California.  I voice for a little over 9,000 clients around the country and around the world.  I’ve had my  home studio for about seven years in Laguna Niguel.  Since George’s visit, the studio and audio files have never sounded better.  It’s phenomenal.  I think he dropped 15 db off the audio file and the floor and it’s just awesome.  I’ve had it for seven years, and it’s never sounded better.  I totally recommend George completely.  If you have any kind of studio setup whatsoever, if it’s for an audition process or what have you, I totally recommend Geroge, he’s fantastic.  He is a customer for life with me.  That’s it.  As long as he’s in business, he’s my guy—my Go To guy—there’s no two ways about it, there’s nobody else even close.  It’s phenomenal how fast he did this…and that’s it!  Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Scott Rummell
Hi this is Scott Rummell, here in Yorba Linda, California.  I work with mostly television networks and trailer houses, I do some commercial work, but I connect almost exclusively via ISDN and do a couple of protools sessions each week.  I’ve been a client of George’s for about three years now, and let me just say, George is absolutely awesome.  He was recommended by Steve Nashfun, my good friend at Davis Glick, and boy I’m sure glad Steve recommended him because he’s been an absolute godsend.   I don’t think you can find a harder working, more knowledgeable guy in this industry than George.  He’s built out, sound-designed, and wired two studios for me--one here in my Yorba Linda location, and one in Dana Point.  He has a work ethic that’s unbelievable. When we were going live here, with my Yorba Linda studio, he came in on Sunday morning and he didn’t leave until Monday night.  He wired everything and then he stayed to make sure that my sessions went well.   And George—also I should mention this because this is something I really appreciate about him—he sets up a studio so that it’s incredibly user-friendly.  He marks and labels everything, so you know exactly where every button, slider, fader and knob should be, and really makes it dummy-proof.  There’s not much I have to do after George has come in and wired everything.   I basically turn the studio on—one button—and wait for the ISDNs to connect.  So it’s really easy to highly recommend George and ElDorado Recording Services.  If you’re thinking about doing any kind of studio. build out, or you need tech support of any kind, George is your guy.  And not only is he a great engineer, he’s really just a great guy.

Bill Ratner
Hi, this is Bill Ratner, in Los Angeles. I do voice overs for trailers and promos and I’m chief cook and bottle washer at my own fabulous voice over facility in East Hollywood.  I’ve been a George Whittam/ERS client for few years now, and I learned about George from the late, great Don La Fontaine, whose studio George also maintained.  George Whittam is one of the best guys I’ve ever found in Hollywood.  He’s right there when you need him; he’s up on all the latest jim cracks and hi-tech gizmos that make my studio run like a Ferrari.   He does incredible research on questions I have.  He’s served me and my voice over studio so well, I feel I should give him ten percent of everything I earn…forget it, George, just kidding.  If you’re really serious about running your own voice over studio, you need George Whittam in your life.  But don’t call him too often, because I need him on a regular basis. Thanks George, you make it easy.

Vanessa Marshall
Hi, my name is Vanessa Marshall.  I work in most areas of voice over, and therefore my studio really needs to be up and running at all times.  Unfortunately, recently it came to a crashing halt.  I was referred to George and ElDorado Recording Services and he literally saved my life.  He streamlined my studio to where I’ve had zero problems, whatsoever. And it’s so simple now that even a chimpanze could use it, and that works for me. George really saved my life, explained things to me, and was quick, and I really can’t thank him enough.  I highly recommend him.  And if you have any questions, you can email me through my website:  It’s really the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I feel free, safe, fearless and like anything is possible in here, as opposed to feeling intimidated and terrified that this thing may kack out on me at any moment.  So thank you George.  I have one recommendation…maybe you should wear a paramedics outfit, because you do save lives.  Thanks.

Mary McKitrick
Hi, I’m Mary McKitrick, voice over artist and devoted ElDorado Recording Services customer.  I first contacted George Whittam last year when I needed advice about ways to dress up my audition recordings before sending them out for review.  George was very helpful with that project and I was impressed with his communication skills, since my brain has a tendency to go on hiatus when people start throwing geek speak at me, and he was able to cut through all of that.  Then I called upon George shortly after that, when I decided to get Source Connect.  I’m telling you, if you want Source Connect, unless you like to look for opportunities to waste time, call George.  And finally, I called upon George last summer when I was planning a short trip and needed to set up a mobile recording studio.  He gave me great advice and he promised me that he was just a phone call or email away if I needed anything.  It gave me tremendous peace of mind knowing he was there for me if anything went wrong.  You don’t want to be without help when you’re on the road and that’s one of the things George will do for you.  Sometimes you really need a team, and George is definitely an important part of mine.

John Patrick Armstrong
Hi, my name is John Patrick Armstrong, and I record trailer narration out of Redondo Beach, California.  George got me all the gear I needed, set up the studio, and trained me on it.  I really appreciate how he worked with my schedule and got things done, even when I just didn’t have time to be around.  He’s done a lot of these and can give you the best advice on what to spend your money on.  Now I have someone to call if I have problems, but that hasn’t happened yet.  I’ve had nothing but trouble-free recording since George did the professional set up for me.

Claire Dodin  
George helped me with my sound booth, to make the quality of the sound professional. He also installed the ISDN system and taught me how to use it.  I didn't need to do anything to get the ISDN sorted, he called the Telco company, found the cables and soundmixer I needed, came to the studio and installed the soundproofing, the equipment, programmed the box... It has been very easy for me, and everything is working great! I'm a very happy client!

Note: Claire works with a diverse client base, including Disney, Microsoft, British Airways, Total, Intel, MTV and many more.

Stefan Chinell

 Thanks again, I really appreciate your expertise help!  Actually, I heard your presentation at VOICE 2008 and thought, ‘This guy seems to know what he is talking about...’ And then it turns out you are the tech guru for the whole elite VO community. One good sign of real knowledge is to be abe to give simple and direct answers to complicated questions, and that's what you do…so hats off to George Whittam!

Jason Hildebrandt
If I can say anything about George and ERS, it’s that without him, I could not do any of this out of my home.  I have a home studio, and George set it up completely, showed me the way around it, and whenever my short-term memory gives up, he’s just a phone call away, and walks me through it over the phone. I’m usually stressed out when I make that call, but he’s always calm, cool and collected, and gets me and my sessions back on track, which is what it’s all about.  If you’re looking for someone to help you out—set up a studio, keep the studio in gear, educate you—look no further…I look no further.  I’m very happy with George—I cherish him.  He’s a very valuable tool to me.  That’s all I need to say.

Tom Kane
Hi, this is Tom Kane.  Nintey percent of my clients are in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.  And my work is pretty evenly divided between movie trailers, commercials and cartoons.  I record via ISDN, Tele Zephyr, or a phone patch and FTP.  I’ve been working with ERS for a few years.  I was turned on to George by none other than Don LaFontaine, who always swore by his help.  When I was making the transition from an analog studio to more digital equipment, George was invaluable in helping me pick out the right computers, board, and how to get it all working, generally helping a moron like me get it to put out something that actually sounds good.  And he did all of that long distance over the phone and internet, helping to keep my studio…well…current! 

Chris Heward 
I’ve been a client of ERS since I started doing voice work.  I was looking to create a personal studio similar to Don LaFontaine’s.  I spoke to many people, but no one really knew how his studio was set up.  Finally, another voice over artist gave me George’s contact info.  I told him what I was looking for, and he wrote back and said he did know a thing or two of how Don’s studio was set up, since he was the one who built it!  Ah!  I found the guy I was looking for.  George has helped me so much.