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Joe Zieja Studio Booth, 2019


Joe Cipriano’s StudioBricks Pro Booth, 2019


Scott Rummell’s Ceiling Cloud, 2019


Stacey J Aswad and Chuck Duran’s Demos That Rock, 2018


Keythe Farley’s VO Lounge Design, 2018

Lori Alan Acoustics Design, 2017


Rick Robles Studio, 2017

Julie Marcus Studio, 2017

Howard Parker’s Studio 44, 2017


Alicyn Packard Studio Outbuilding, 2016


Janet Ault StudioBricks Studio, 2015

David Kaye Studio Outbuilding, 2013


Tara Strong Studio, 2011


Chris Fries’ Studio, 2012


Mike McColl Studio, 2011

Howard Parker Townhouse Studio, 2011

The SAG AFTRA Foundation Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab, 2010

Closet Voiceover Booths

Sound Engineering gigs from 1997-2006