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Equipment Setup Guidance $300

Just buy a bunch of new gear and need help getting the settings right?

Want to do a Skype phone patch and don’t know how to configure everything?

Then you’re in the right place. 




  1. Equipment you need to connect (with model numbers)
  2. What you need to accomplish (record myself, Skype playback, phone patch, etc)
  3. Audio sample (if desired) zipped along with text document




  1. A detailed diagram with photos of your equipment, clearly labeled with color coded “wires” showing how it all fits together
  2. Settings for all knobs and buttons to get started and instructions on how to use the controls
  3. A list of cables you’ll need to buy (if you don’t have them already) with links to each item
  4. An appointment request for a 15 minute call to walk you through any hiccups



Just follow the TWO easy steps!



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STEP 2:  Send us your information and files

Upload Files through

We will send back your goodies within 1 week in most cases.  



Rush charge of $50 available for under 24 hour turnaround