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Virtual Engineer- Mic Check
 Microphone Choice Assistance  $75


Already have your studio’s acoustics and noise issues under control?  

If you are not sure, you’ll want to start here.

Are struggling with the ever present mic choice decision?   

Have one of our audio experts with years of voiceover recording and production experience review audio samples of up to 6 microphones and provide our top three choices.  


Just follow the TWO easy steps!


STEP 1:  Purchase Credits


For each batch of microphones you’d like evaluated, please purchase one credit below:

STEP 2:  Send us your recording sample(s)

Please send us your audio samples below.

Audio files must have the following criteria:

1- MP3 Mono 128 kbps or higher, AIFF or WAV

2- No longer than 30 seconds of audio per mic

3- One file per mic

4- A few seconds of silence at the begining or end of the read so we can hear the room tone

5- Filename(s) must start with your name, then mic model
eg: George Whittam-416.mp3 

6- Audio must have no processing or normalization applied

7- List your audio chain, names of mics, and your contact info in an text file and zip along with the audio file(s)

 Upload Files through


You’ll get the results within one week, often sooner.   


Rush charge of $50 available for under 24 hour turnaround