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Press Release August 22, 2017-  Voiceover studio expert George Whittam launches (pdf)


Appearances and Interviews

A Tour of Sweet Home Voice Over Studios with George The Tech Whittam 10-02-19 (Blog)

Messiah Community Interview of Dan Lenard and George Whittam 06-12-19 (Podcast)

The Pro Audio Suite, co-host (Podcast)

The Go Get It Podcast with Corey Dissin 12-09-18

The VO Radio Show 10-10-17 (Podcast)

Kiff VH’s All Over Voiceover interview with George Whittam and Dan Lenard (Podcast)

This Week in Radio Tech Ep. 192 - VO Studios with George Whittam 11-21-13 (Video)

This Week in Radio Tech 108: Of Mics And Men 11-30-2011 (Video)

9.5 Qs: George Whittam - Ryan Drean | Audio Branding (Podcast)

Episode 66 - P2 - George Whittam - VO Studio Tech - Ryan Drean (Podcast)

Podcast: George Whittam | Voiceover & On-Camera - Andy Boyns (Podcast)

Episode 11, VOBS Hosts, Dan Lenard and George … - The VO Meter (Podcast)


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