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Remote Home Studio Consultation
with George Whittam



TO BOOK SERVICES,  just follow the steps!
After you purchase your support credits, you’ll be directed to our scheduling system to book your appointment.  


 STEP 1:  Purchase a Home Studio Consultation with George


First support session with us? We recommend a 30 min session to start!

Need priority (ASAP) support? There’s an additional $60 charge and you get access to extended hours. 

Click here to pay and schedule 


STEP 2: Remote Computer Access

If deemed necessary during the consultation, you may be instructed to share your computer’s screen.  This is the link used to make the connection. We are no longer using TeamViewer. 

You’ll be given a unique four digit code at the time of support. The code is newly generated each time, for your security and privacy. 

STEP 3: Send us a recording sample
Please send audio samples, photos, or video of your studio to assist in supporting you.  

Type your email address, then drag and drop your files into the box to upload them. 

Upload Files through


STEP 4: Choose Your Methods of Communication
See our Communications Portal page for options including Source Connect Now, Skype and more!

If you need Source Connect support specifically, you can purchase advanced support from Source Elements directly. 

Service Policies

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on all services for 30 days.
    If you have any trouble with something directly related to the service we provided, we’ll come back and fix it free of charge.
  • Regular business hours, 10:00AM to 6:30PM PST Monday through Friday
  • Any service outside of those hours will incur a 25% surcharge. 
  • On-site support requires 2 hrs minimum credit, which includes travel time billed in one direction. 
  • Your scheduled 2 hrs for onsite service includes transit time to your location.
    The technician will arrive within the first hour, in most cases.  
    If you need more time, please request it and you can pay for the balance after the service is completed.
  • Services rendered on Saturday is billed at time and one quarter rate (1.25x). 
  • Services rendered on Sunday is billed at time and a half rate (1.5x).
  • Overtime billing (1.5x) will be charged for services calls extending beyond 8 hours.  
  • We do not charge a “rush” fee because we consider every service call urgent in this business.
  • All materials and equipment purchased for the client is marked up at a standard rate of 20%.
    This margin covers the time and expenses incurred to research, locate, and procure materials to meet the timing needs of the project.
  • Client will incur a 20% restocking fee for materials refused or returned.   
  • Clients will only receive a written estimate for services if one is requested.
    Clients must make payment for equipment in full to initiate any project.
    Labor charges are billed at the completion of the project unless otherwise stipulated.