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Special announcement: ERS partners with BSW!

ERS and BSW Join Forces to bring the voice-over community easy to buy home studio packages which feature one on one services from us and on-line video tutorials to guide users through the setup process.  Never before has BSW offered the services of an individual to their clients, and we are incredibly honored to be associated with this highly regarded pro audio retailer.  The six packages range in price from $250 to $10,000, suiting every budget and type of voice-over artist from dabbler to dominator.  If the name BSW is new to you, here's a little more about the company.

Why BSW? While ERS has offered our clients custom recording packages for the last few years, it has always been a challenge to fulfill the role of a retailer.  Without appropriate space to store and ship product, and the inability to support the overhead required to keep items in stock, we knew the only way we could continue offering more than expertise was to partner with the right company.  When BSW President Tim Schweiger stepped up in such a huge way to support the Don LaFontaine Voice-over Lab, I realized our two companies were standing on common ground, both honoring the memory of Don LaFontaine. 
Near the end of Summer 2010, I approached Tim Schweiger with the idea of offering custom packages of gear at a wide range of prices which feature services provided by ERS.   Not feeling entirely confident that Tim would be receptive, he surprised us with a resounding yes and got the ball rolling right away.   I spent the next few months planning with Tim who then passed the project on to Sales Manager Steve Kawasaki for execution.   Proposed package ideas started to flow and Steve was right in step with my ideas, making an adjustment here and there if needed, but always supportive. 
Things really gained momentum when Steve told us that the 2011 catalog needed to be locked and loaded by mid-December, and that he wanted our packages featured within.  His amazing art staff had everthing photographed and laid out for our approval by the 2nd week of December, and after a few notes from us, and approval from client Rick Robles and DLF VO Lab co-founders Joe Cipriano and Paul Pape who graciously permitted the use of their images in the print, Steve had the final copy submitted. 
If you aren't on the BSW mailing list and prefer not to receive printed catalogs , the website will feature in even more detail information about the voice-over packages with many options for upgrades.  Make sure you join the BSW email list for announcements, but we'll also keep you in the loop.  The packages offered through BSW will be featured on the ERS website for easy access as well.  As soon as the website goes live, we'll make sure the entire VO world knows about it!