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Posting Audio from an iPad to a Website by Anthony Gettig

Anthony created this extremely useful tutorial for anyone who records on an iPad/iPhone and needs to upload the files to websites such as or




Book 1 on 1 time with George Whittam at VOICE2012

Attending VOICE 2012?
Have a lot of burning technical questions you really need addressed?

Book a private meeting with George to:

  • Walk you through your tech issues
  • Discuss ways to make the most of your home studio
  • Sketch out ideas for a new studio design
  • Learn some editing or audio processing techniques to make your auditions really sell
  • Try a new recording software


Slots are available during the conference Wednesday through Friday.  

You can conveniently request options for 30 minutes to 2 hours of time, and I'll confirm of the options you provide what works best.


ONLY $50/30 minutes!

Just choose the number of 30 minute "service credits" for the amount of time you desire.

After you make your purchase, visit my scheduler to request timeslots.



TwistedWave for iOS now creates MP3s and exports to SoundCloud

Those who use TwistedWave on a regular basis know about one inconvenience of the software:  MP3's must be encoded offsite, which adds another step to the process and slows the delivery of files when time is not on your side.  As of the latest TwistedWave update, which went live February 17th, 2012, MP3's are encoded locally right on your iOS device!  My best guess is that the powers that be at Apple decided to finally pay for the licensing to encode MP3 on iOS, as it certainly wasn't a technical limitation.  

Another cool added feature is the ability to now upload your files directly to a SoundCloud account.  This addition joins a long list of ways you can deliver files directly from TwistedWave, including email, FTP, and Dropbox.  Yes, no iCloud support yet.  I gotta say I am un-impressed with iCloud, it just seems like it came too late to the party and is a closed system that only functions on Apple devices within software specifically written to support it.  I love the openness of Dropbox, and the ubiquity, and the sheer convenience.  It works on my Mac, PC, Android phone, and iPod Touch.  What more could you want?

Here's a SoundCloud I just recorded on the iPod Touch with TwistedWave.  This is the built in mic and I applied some dynamics processing



Beau Weaver confirms CEntrance MicPort Pro works with iPad


Thanks to our technological bushwhacker, Beau Weaver, we've got confirmation that you CAN use a MicPort Pro with the iPad, with a few extra bits-n-pieces...

Take it away, Beau!!



I recently talked to the techs at CEntrance, maker of the MicPort Pro, who reported that the addition of an inexpensive USB battery will now make it possible to record on the iPad with the MicPort Pro and the 416 or other XLR mic requiring 48v phantom power!   


Photo courtesy of Beau Weaver

 You will need: 


1. Camera Connection kit USB adapter:   ($29)


2. Tekkeon MP1860A TekCharge Dual Port Power Pack ($49) 


3. USB A (male) to A (male) cable ($5) 


4. CEntrance MicPort Pro ($149) 


5.  Connect the microphone to the MicPort Pro.  Connect the USB mini to USB A cable to one of the USB ports on the Tekkeon Power Pack.  Connect the USB A to A cable to the other USB port on the Tekkeon Power Pack.  Connect the remaining end of the USB A to A cable to the apple USB adapter from the Apple Camera Connection Kit.  Power up the Tekkeon, and you will see the MicPort Pro light up.  Remember to turn on the phantom power on the MicPort Pro with the tiny push button on the end, near the USB port.  


Twisted Wave for iOS will use the MicPort Pro automatically when it is connected with no further change of settings or configuration.  


Audio quality is exactly comparable to that of the MicPort Pro on a full blown mac.


here is a comparison audio file: - Beau_Weaver-ipad-macbookair-bigstudio.mp3

1.) on iPad   2.) on macbook air OSX   3.) home studio with expensive preamp


Editing is a dream with Twisted Wave.  You can integrate with Dropbox, or upload to ftp servers.  And, you can even upload files to Twisted Wave's dedicated server, and receive an email link to an .mp3 file on send to your client.  This circumvents Apples restriction about exporting .mp3 files.


It works great.  Personally, I will continue to use the MicPort Pro with my macbook air 11 inch, rather than the iPad.  I prefer the flexibility of a full-on computer.  You can multitask with the iPad....that is to say, record in the background while reading a script from email or Pages......but it is a little klunky for my taste.   When I am operating remote, I want efficiency and ease of use.  But you may prefer the iPad.



CAUTION:  Turn the Power ON (on the 

Tekkeon Power Pack) BEFORE plugging the USB adapter into the iPad 30 pin connector.  If the iPad sees the MicPort Pro without it's battery power on, it gives you an error message and will refuse to work.  A reboot of the iPad seems to reset it.  But earlier versions of iOS would refuse to work with an offending device ever again!  Don't chance it!   Just make sure you do not turn the Tekkeon off while it is plugged into the iPad.  When you are finished, close Twisted Wave, and then unplug the white USB adapter before turning off the Tekkeon battery.


ONE MORE NOTE:   The white USB adapter from the camera connection kit, wants to unplug itself.  It is an awkward design.  Be careful that it is fully seated into the iPad.  It will work loose very easily if the cable is moved at all.  This sucks.  Watch.


YET ANOTHER NOTE:   This does NOT work with iPhone 4.


There are three other devices that will make working with pro XLR microphones much easier.


1.  The Alesis iO Dock  shipping in a few weeks 


2.  The Apogee Mic for iOS  (no ship date yet)  And this one claims that it will work with iPhone 4 as well. 


 3.  Another awesome interface, I cannot name yet.  Sorry.   So stay tuned.



That's it from the bleeding edge,





New Tut! Twisted Wave for Beginners Screencast Tutorial

Check out our latest Twisted Wave Tut

This tutorial screencast video will take you through the entire process of installing, configuring, recording, editing, basic effects, and saving to MP3 with the amazingly efficient Twisted Wave software.  For under $10 you'll save hours of searching the net for help and experimenting and get right down to recording your voice-over tracks.  Even if you already use Twisted Wave you're bound to learn something new that will make you glad you made the purchase.

I'm always looking for great topics to cover with our new Tuts on Demand service. If you have an idea or recommendation, and we use it for a Tut, we'll give you access to the tutorial for free!