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Tell your family or roommates to be quiet with a button for $20

If you are like most of us, you don't live alone and your studio isn't an impenatrable fortress of solitude.

I decided to take care of this problem by setting up the simplest, easiest to install, and cheapest "On-air" light I possibly could.  All you need is a remote power switch and a lamp of your choosing.

I picked up this unit from my local hardware store, and a short rope light, totalling around $20.

Plug the receiver into an outlet outside your studio, plug the rope light in and position in any way that tickles your fancy, test the range from your mic position to be sure it triggers the light, and that's all there is to it.

You could make your own light-up sign with some 1x2" wood and a piece of weatherproof paper, which is printable, translucent, and very tough.  Print the design of your choice, mount it in the frame, stuff the rope lights in the frame, put a back on it of cardboard or wood, and voila!  

If anyone takes the time to try this, send photos and I'll share it on the blog....