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Notes from the Field: Shure PG27USB and an iPad with Twisted Wave

Yes, it can be done, folks.

 A new client of ERS, James Lumley, surprised me with some audio samples he recorded with a Shure PG27USB and an iPad.  The trick to making it work?  A good quality powered USB hub.  In James' case he found a Belkin that provided the best results.  No, carrying around a hub and power supply with your iPad isn't exactly what comes to mind when portability is the primary motivation, but just to see the results are so positive is a good sign.  

I took the audio and massaged it in Twisted Wave and created a Stack that makes his recordings sound much more polished and audition worthy.  If you aren't applying any kind of tasteful processing on an audition, I think you're going to want to start soon.  As competitive as it is, your great audition may sound flat in comparison to the next one on the list if you don't.  Want assistance?  We've got you covered.

Here are the before and after files, with the processed version name tagged with "Geo".