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Beau Weaver gives the iO Dock from Alesis a test run with the iPad

Just sharing what Beau sent me July 5th (sorry it took me so long)...

Alesis IO-DOCK Pro Audio Dock For iPad/iPad 2
Okay, Guys,
It works great.
Just took delivery of the Alesis IO Dock.  Works great.

The iPad slides into has built in preamps with phantom power.  It does require AC power connection, however.   
Twisted Wave for iPad works great with this rig.  Use your 416 or your Neumann, or whatever.   It has plenty of juice for headphone monitoring.  It's stable and solid.  Take phones, the mic and this thing.  Done.
TW for iOS will export to the TW server, and return you a link to an mp3 file on that server (thereby getting around apple's restrictions about exporting mp3 files.   Or, it can upload to your Dropbox account or, to ftp servers (it will memorize several folders settings, all but automating the process.   TW has some dynamics processing built in, but of course, more extensive processing will have to be done in post.
NOTE: counterintuitively, to record a mono file, the microphone must be connected to INPUT # 2  (to save you from thinking "hey it won't record!'
Here is a link to an audio file with me reading a script.......first pass is my big home studio.......second take is the iPad with the iO Dock. 
- Beau_Weaver_big-studio-ipad-iodock-compare.mp3
I am in the process of moving studios....when I am done, I will do you a little how to video.
Bleeding-Edgedly Yours,