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iLok users (Source Connect owners, that's you), listen up

Sorry about the downer message, but this is important.

I've been involved in selling Source Connect licenses for nearly four years now.  It was bound to happen but the first client of mine to have his gear stolen is now in he process of replacing everything, including his Source  Connect license.

I've mentioned the "Zero Downtime" program of iLok in documentation to many users, with the misconception that it would protect users in the case of a lost or stolen iLok.  Unfortunately, this is just not the case.  The function of Zero Downtime is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible with a replacement, temporary license you can download to a new ilok.  That is all.

So what is my point?  If you insure your recording equipment, include the cost of all licenses you store on the ilok.  You must understand that once the license is downloaded from your account to the iLok USB dongle, that license ONLY exists on the iLok dongle.  If you have a $650 Source Connect Standard license, that iLok is now worth $50 plus $650.  If you have Source Connect Pro license, the iLok is worth $50 plus $1500, and so on. 

If your iLok is lost or stolen, your licenses went along with it.  When you contact the software vendors from whom you've purchased licenses, each will tell you the same thing.  We're sorry about your misfortune, here is what the replacement license will cost.  They consider their software license no different than a physical piece of recording gear, like a microphone.  They take their intellectual property seriously, and they survive by preventing the dis-honest from committing theft of their software, which everyone knows has never been more of a problem.