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iPhone and Pro Tools: A Bad Combo

My readers and clients know how I feel about Pro Tools in the context of a voiceover actor's home studio.  However, some of us still use Pro Tools because we do production and find it the best tool for the job.  Others producing audio books find it's the best workflow for them.  Whatever the case, if you use Pro Tools on your workstation, I don't recommend connecting an iPhone to it.  

Many who have used Pro Tools for a while have experienced the dread after Mac OS has automatically updated and created problems.  It's not a situation anyone wants to have.  You walk into your studio in the morning, click the Pro Tools icon, and nothing happens.  Pro Tools is extremely sensitive to the version of Mac OS running on your system.  Unfortunately, so are iOS devices.  

If you like to have the latest and greatest iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device or iOS version from Apple, you'll find yourself in a situation where you need to upgrade several elements of your system to handle them.  First you'll need to run the latest iTunes version available.  This may require that you upgrade the OS to handle that request, which puts you in a bad situation.  This also holds true for Apple's latest creation, iCloud.

iCloud attempts to keep all of your documents in sync between your different Macs and iOS devices.  Like everything new that comes from Apple, they require that ALL of your devices have the latest OS running on them.  iCloud seems great in concept, but it is a closed system that has many limitations, especially if you have any devices you want to sync that are not from Apple.  It's sure to get better, but for now it's frustratingly simplified (in my opinion).  

Consider a more flexible system such as Sugarsync, which I've used very successfully for over three years to keep my entire business in sync.   I've yet to have it interfere with any software I use, and it works on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and others.  You can choose any folders on any of your systems you want to sync or share with friends or coworkers, which is very handy if you have an assistant handling some of your tasks!