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Notes from the Field: Kevin Wyrauch's home studio

Kevin's studio is a very common setup for a home voice-over studio.  We're taking an office in the home and creating a "dead corner" where he can stand at the mic, without needing to acoustically treat the entire room. We've also dealt with exterior noise passing through the window by creating a "window plug".  This is a very heavy window plug made from drywall and Celotex, and I wouldn't recommend this for most DIY'ers out there. There are some other methods that are less difficult and easier to manage, if you only need a moderate amount of noise reduction, such as this technique described by Paul Strikwerda.  

The results are always amazing when you use the right materials in the right places!  For total simplicity, he's got the Harlan Hogan VO:1-a mic plugged into a MicPort Pro, a golden combo.  Round it out with a Macbook and Twisted Wave, and Kevin's able to bang out broadcast quality auditions at a moment's notice!  Acoustical panels were manufactured by ATSAcoustics.  More about Kevin's work here.