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VO actors have a new way to reach George for their tech-support needs




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Voiceover studio expert George Whittam launches

-  VO actors have a new way to reach George for their tech-support needs.

Los Angeles, CA - August 22, 2017 - George Whittam, formerly Director of Technology for Edge Studio, has launched his new service to assist voice actors and studio owners with their technical issues. George created to assist anyone who records voiceover with tech-support, studio design, audio-processing templates, and training. From technical consulting over the phone to designing the dream studio, there's a service for every experience level. provides a place to easily find and purchase the services voice actors need. 

The voiceover business is a booming industry with new talent entering the market daily. Voice actors require a reliable, efficient, and excellent-sounding studio in their homes to meet their clients’ needs. Whittam has spent more than 10 years dedicated to serving the technical needs of voice actors and recording studio owners. VO Tom Kane said, "I was turned on to George by none other than Don LaFontaine, who always swore by his help."

Services available at

Whittam is known for creating great-sounding, cost-effective, time-saving, and easy-to-operate recording studios for voice actors. VO Scott Rummell says, "He sets up a studio so that it’s incredibly user-friendly." VO Maxine Dunn says, “My editing time was reduced by 75 percent using George’s techniques. I also experienced a massive improvement in recording quality thanks to studio acoustics upgrades installed by George.” Whether you’re in Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the world, you can enlist George’s assistance. Get started with a “Sound Check” for $25.

At, George Whittam will help you improve the quality of your voiceover recordings, often without setting foot in your home. George's golden ears and over 20 years pro-audio experience as an engineer and technician will walk you through the processes of improving your studio's acoustics, tweaking your signal chain, dialing in processing, and smoothing out your workflow so you can get more work finished in less time.

About George Whittam

George is a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in music and audio technology.  George went on to acquire considerable expertise in music recording, sound for fitness, film production sound mixing, and gained broadcast engineering experience working at 94 WYSP (now WIP) as the remote engineer for the NFL Eagles Radio Network.

George Whittam is the global authority on the technology of voiceover recording, investing thousands of hours researching studio design, recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. Among his many successful clients are Malcolm McDowell, Allison Janney, Patrick Warburton, Rolonda Watts, Melissa Disney, Tara Strong, Joe Cipriano, and (the late) Miguel Ferrer.

George co-hosts the popular live webcast Voice Over Body Shop at VOBS.TV, a show dedicated to the education and support of voice actors around the world.  




George Whittam

President, George The Tech

Los Angeles, CA






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