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SOLD Booth for sale: Portable 4x5 voice-over booth by Drum Perfec

For sale by Alejandria Kete

A booth used for professional and home recording studios as vocal, instrumental or voice over booth 

This is a good value for something made this well that looks attractive enough for the home, a great alternative to the WhisperRoom or Vocalbooth products if you don't have noise issues coming through the floor below, as this is a floorless unit.  

- Manufactured by Drum Perfect

- Only three months old (no serial number or model number

- Exterior footprint is 4' x 4.5' and 6' 6" high. Can fit two VO inside but a little cramped. Single musician or VO actor better 

- Interior is 4' x 4' 

- Wall thickness is about 3" and my apartment is next to the Los Angeles 170 freeway where it's LOUD, and this booth has been an 

amazing sound barrier for me. This would be a solution for a musician or voice over artist in a multi-housing (apartment/condo) situation 

- Two pass-thrus for cables: one on top of unit and another on bottom 

- Features two double-paned acrylic windows (*this was an added cost) 

- Over 112 square feet of absorbing surface 

- Easy to apply corner and seam covers for maximum isolation 

- Custom mocha exterior is easy on the eyes (*this was an added cost) 

- Weight around 500 pounds (approximate) 

- It has no floor 

- I have the paperwork for the setup instructions 

Here are the complete specifications from the manufacturer


$1,500 FIRM   

 BUYER is to come pick up and disassemble 



*there is ONE flight of stairs that goes straight up no winding corners

CONTACT US to arrange logistics.




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