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IP Codecs: Main or Backup/Alternate? by Dave Immer

If an IP codec is your main live audio networking tool, then it’s probably because
A. You can’t get ISDN or are unwilling to pay for it,
B. Most of your clients use IP anyway.
But if ISDN is your primary codec, you should definitely also have an IP codec. This gives you security as a backup, plus flexibility to connect with compatible IP-only systems. And everybody can get IP.

With ISDN MPEG codecs from companies such as Telos, Musicam, APT, Mayah, Prodys, TieLine, AudioTX, etc, compatibility is not (usually) an issue, as manufacturers long ago agreed on connection standards. But with IP codecs, it’s still kind of like the wild west with Source-Connect on it’s proprietary (albeit popular) mountain, and most other IP codec companies providing limited cross-compatibility despite employing standard algorithms such as AAC and MPEG layers II & III.

No matter what IP codec you use, the usual internet problems will persist such as latency and uncertain reliability. But these disadvantages can be minimized with the right algorithms on the right hardware platform over the right network. My recommendation for IP codecs:

1. Algorithm: APTX or AAC Low Delay
2. Hardware Platform: Musicam Suprima family or Source-Connect on a fast Intel-based processor.
3. Network: 15Mb/5Mb cable/fios/u-verse

Let me know if you have another IP codec you particularly like.                    Thanks,

Dave                             Complete library of newsletters:

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