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Joe Cipriano's Home Voiceover Studio Project

In the Fall of 2008 George designed and built Joe's new "Clubhouse" recording studio in his new home in Bel Air, CA. This studio was built from the ground up in the existing pool house on the property.  Once again, the technology in Joe's studio was mostly unchanged from his previous location, but we focused on the acoustic and sound isolating properties of the space.  Special features include a custom designed standing height desk, spring mounted floating ceiling, and a large, double glass window with invisible corner.  All walls and ceiling are double 5/8" drywall layers with Green Glue sound absorption compound sandwiched within, and walls are double studded construction. 

Joe demonstrates the sound isolation capabilities of his studio with "The Three Helicopter Test" and the "Jackhammer Next Door Test".  This is using a Neumann U87 microphone. 

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