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Howard Cogan's 2nd Story Addition Voiceover Studio

Starting in Febuary 2010, Howard Cogan's new home studio began construction.  He's decided to say goodbye forever to his trusty Whisper Room and graduate to custom isolation booth in a second floor addition over his garage, previously the home of his studio.  Along with his architect and contractor, George Whittam helped design Howard a true "room-in-a-room" booth large enough to comfortably work in all day with large windows to bring plenty of daylite in, something he's been deprived of for a long time! 

The first step was to relocate his Whisper Room into another room in his home.  We decided to displace his daughters to the guestroom and take over their bedroom (Daddy gets to do whatever he wants.)   Just large enough to accomodate the Whisper Room and still have space to open the door and store his computers outside the booth, we managed to fit it all in there and still give his daughters access to their closet.  In one day of disassembly, moving, reassembly, and rewiring of ISDN, data, phone, audio, and video cables, we got his studio back online in its temporary location.  It works so well that Howard can work un-interrupted with construction in full swing just 25 feet away, and his three young children being... children. 

Framing is in full swing on the second floor addtion over the garage.  The concrete slab floor will be poured in the coming days, with in-floor radiant heating pipes embeded. 

Here's a gallery of the progress photos.

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