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My FaffCon 4 Experience: Unexpected Results

It's been two weeks since FaffCon 4 wrapped in Ventura, CA.  For me it was more rewarding than I anticipated, and not in the ways I expected it to be…

 Before attending FaffCon 4, my first FaffCon, I considered it to be primarily a networking opportunity. Not a voice actor myself, I wondered exactly how it would benefit me and my business.  The thing is about an unConference like FaffCon, you have no clue what lies ahead until the moment the ideas for break-out sessions hit the scheduling wall. It was such an organically formed process, and it worked brilliantly.   I also knew I'd like to share some wisdom, but until the day came I didn't know what exactly it might be.  

 On the day, Dan Friedman, a voice actor/studio owner from North Carolina, suggested all of the techie types lead a panel together, to ensure the information we shared could be provided in a unified way.  Seven of us gathered for a panel, and the truth of it was that if nobody even showed up, we still would have had a great time bouncing thoughts off each other.  Those who came got their questions answered in detail, and others absorbed as much as they could handle.  

 I opted to share my thoughts on office productivity, and idea loosely based on the Getting Things Done concept.  The hour started with sharing my ideas, and evolved into others sharing theirs, and finally closed with a fantastic discussion about hiring virtual assistants.  As luck would have it, Bob Souer's daughter Karen was nearby and shared her experience as a VA to the group, something I never could have planned.  I benefitted as much if not more than the others in attendance.  

 But the biggest surprise for me came in a group discussion about family and business, hosted by Christian Taylor.  Listening to each person's stories of their challenges juggling self employed, work-at-home careers with the needs of children and spouses really  hit home.  While the difficulties we all face have different facets, we all came away with a better understanding of how to be compassionate to the needs of others, while still keeping one's self first priority.  It's a struggle I go through daily as I meet the demands of an ever growing list of amazing clients, and my 3 year old daughter's needs to be out in the world increase, while my wife remains the glue that holds us all together.  


FaffCon 5 in Charlotte, NC is in my calendar for October, and I am making every effort to be there.

If you've never attended something like this, or you think you are "too busy" or "too successful", think again.  Every person there belongs because all are working professionals and vetted by the organizers.  Nobody is special because EVERYONE is special.  You never know who you may meet, and how your life can change, at FaffCon.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi George,

I'm glad that the link problem was resolved, because last night I was chomping at the bit to read more about your Faffcon experience. Thanks for sharing about it! Sounds like it was a great experience. I haven't attended one yet, but hope to one of these years..... :-)

Take care, George.

April 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJan Anderson
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