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TwistedWave for iOS now creates MP3s and exports to SoundCloud

Those who use TwistedWave on a regular basis know about one inconvenience of the software:  MP3's must be encoded offsite, which adds another step to the process and slows the delivery of files when time is not on your side.  As of the latest TwistedWave update, which went live February 17th, 2012, MP3's are encoded locally right on your iOS device!  My best guess is that the powers that be at Apple decided to finally pay for the licensing to encode MP3 on iOS, as it certainly wasn't a technical limitation.  

Another cool added feature is the ability to now upload your files directly to a SoundCloud account.  This addition joins a long list of ways you can deliver files directly from TwistedWave, including email, FTP, and Dropbox.  Yes, no iCloud support yet.  I gotta say I am un-impressed with iCloud, it just seems like it came too late to the party and is a closed system that only functions on Apple devices within software specifically written to support it.  I love the openness of Dropbox, and the ubiquity, and the sheer convenience.  It works on my Mac, PC, Android phone, and iPod Touch.  What more could you want?

Here's a SoundCloud I just recorded on the iPod Touch with TwistedWave.  This is the built in mic and I applied some dynamics processing


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