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WAKE UP! (Your ISDN Codec, That Is...) by Dave Immer

Both you and the remote facility are configured identical, the calls connect, but only one side is locked (framed). But when audio signal gets sent to the un-locked end, it becomes locked. If you own an older ISDN codec model such as the Telos Zephyr (both Classic & Xstream) or the Musicam Prima (both CDQ & LT) you may, from time to time, need to receive audio to ‘wake up the box.’

Of course, the user that needs to send the audio signal to wake up the other end doesn’t know the other end is not locked, since the locked (framed) condition only pertains to the decoder (receive.) So it’s good to send some signal as soon as the dial-up connection is made to make sure the remote side codec is ‘awake.’

I have also seen phantom signal appear on codec meters looking like a steady noise level, only to go away once an ISDN connection is established.

Often the equivalent of jiggling the wires or toggling the switch clears up the issue.

Sometimes a reboot is needed to get stuff to work. (The display on the Zephyr may show ‘Ready/Ready’ but the box cannot make or receive calls.) I put this in the same category as wire jiggling since no settings get changed to remedy the condition.

Let me know if you have questions about waking up the box.                  Thanks,

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