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Can You Sling the ISDN/IP Lingo? by Dave Immer

Some acronyms and contractions have embedded themselves in our daily discussions of configuring, using and troubleshooting our live audio networks.

Here are some common ones in no particular order:

PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network
ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
SPID: Service Profile IDentifier
CODEC: COder/DECoder
Telco: Telephone Company
TA: Terminal Adapter
IMUX: Inverse Multiplexer
kbps or kbs: Kilobits Per Second
BERT: Bit-Error Rate Test
LEC: Local Exchange Carrier
CIC: Carrier Identification Code
PIC: Primary Interexchange Carrier
CPE: Customer Premise Equipment
IP: Internet Protocol
QoS: Quality of Service
FEC: Forward Error Correction
SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

Let me know if there are other ones you encounter often.   Thanks,

-Dave                              Complete library of newsletters:

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