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Using Windows? Having problems with audio? Get a Mac

There, I said it.  

I am not an Apple fanboy, I just speak from experience.  I can't stress enough the difference in user experience I've had since leaving Windows computers behind in 2006 and going all-in with Macs.   Yes, I had a transitional period where I ran Windows in a virtual machine (like Parallels) so I could continue using Quicken, and I did miss using Wavelab for recording and editing as I had used for 8 years prior.  

BUT the adjustments were well worth it.  

No longer do I:

  • Deal with malware scanning everyday for fear of being nailed by the lasted trojan or worm
  • Wonder if the audio interface I bought will have some odd conflict with the chipset install in my PC
  • Spend hours on forums troubleshooting issues caused by Windows 7 64bit OS that many audio hardware and software suppliers are still trying to figure out
  • Need to buy a new computer every few years because the fan is making noise or the power supply failed
  • Lament the total lack of resale value in PC hardware when I decide to let go of a Mac computer

Listen, I support nearly 200 clients now, and the list continues to grow.  The ONLY reason I can handle this is because the majority of them are Mac users.  Would I be busier if they all used Windows?  Heck yes.  For that matter would I be busier if I told them they all need to use Pro Tools?  Oh man, I'd have a full staff of technicians by now.  

The cost arguement doesn't fly with me, either.  If you have a $500 budget to buy a Toshiba from Best Buy, you can go get a used Mac on Ebay, Craigslist, or a reputable used Mac reseller.  Yes, I know you won't have a warranty.  I've had 8 Macs, and two of them needed warranty repair in their first year of use.   Only one, an iMac 24", died a slow death from a video card failure well after warranty.  I'd say that's a pretty good average.

I am using an almost 5 year old Macbook Pro every single day.  I replaced a dead harddrive in it once, and that was because I carried it around in my bag while it was still running and carelessly dropped the bag.  The ONLY thing I don't like is that it takes a while to process videos, but it was never designed for that.  I sold two Mac Pros which could handle that a few years ago when I needed the money, and I haven't missed them except for that one purpose.  

If you are still reading, then you might like to know that my favorite Mac for voice-over studios is the Mac Mini. It's the cheapest Mac, it's very quiet, it's tiny, efficient, capable of anything VO's need, and it's reliable.

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