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Notes from the Field: Susannah Kenton's booth

Here's an example of what proper acoustic treatment can do for a voice-over booth.  Whether your studio is factory built from Whisper Room, a walk-in closet, or of your own creation, there needs to be the right amount of type of absorption inside to create un-colored and accurate voice-over recordings.  This is paramount to getting and keeping clients, even more-so than mic choice! 

Susannah Kenton of Christchurch in New Zealand worked with me to get the sound in her booth the best it can be, and she had immediate, clearly audible results.  Even though she had already applied a considerable coverage of materials in her booth, she hadn't used a thick enough layer to deal with the mid-range to mid-bass resonance present in any small room. 

Take a listen to the before and after files, which I think illustrates the point tremendously well.  Click back in your browser after you play to return to this page.


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