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Note from the field: Sandra Wood tuning booth and software

Sandra Wood has the coolest little building on her property where she created a cozy studio.  She's lucky to be out in the country where it's almost always quiet.  She invested in excellent equipment, including a Neumann U87 microphone, MicPort Pro, and Harlan Hogan Portabooth Pro.  Still, there was something missing about her recorded audio, and that was cleanliness.  Due to some unique aspects of her space and how she placed her mic, the sound just wasn't up to par.    

We began by supplimenting the acoustics in the space with additional moving blankets and throw rugs to knock down more reflections and block out a little bit of noise from her computer.  Then we worked on reducing the noise floor so her corporate jobs had a polished sound ready for publishing.  Compare the before and after to hear the difference some proper effects settings can make.  Now she has presets in Twisted Wave she recalls each time she delivers a file.  We did all of this hundreds of miles apart via Skype and Teamviewer remote access.  





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