Oh what a night! The DLF VO Lab Grand Opening wrap-up
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 11:22PM
George Whittam
What else is there to talk about except “How was the big party on June 25th for the DLF Voice-over Lab!?” Everyone seems to want the scoop on the big night, so here it goes.
My wife Amy and I arrived just after 7pm and felt like a couple of celebrities at the Oscars. Well overPhoto by John Taylor 300 people were in attendance at the SAG Foundation so everyone was quite cozy in the corridors with nothing else to talk about except what a stunning achievement the lab turned out to be. Reps from Marshall Electronics, Sennheiser-Neumann, and Tim Schweiger, BSW president were there and beaming with pride for the installation. It was almost hard to believe the night had finally arrived and the Lab's doors were opened to the world.  People were getting excited to be the first ones to try out the Don’s old Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic in the solo booth or his Manley preamp in the classroom console.   (Joe Cipriano took that honor June 30th while I engineered a session for him.)
Jo Beth Williams and Nita Whitaker did the honors cutting the big blue ribbon on the Lab door with camera phones and flashes firing off like the paparazzi!  Guests took turns posing for photos in front of the donor wall and sign in the reception area.  Even a few iPhone 4's made appearances, but I digress...
There were quite a few people watching from home as well because ERS and SAG Foundation streamed the event on-line (recorded feeds available on the website).  Screened at the Actor’s Center and Voice-over Lab were video loops of presentations produced by Red Wall Productions and Casey Lewis with Jeff Reed. But the photo by Zurekhighlight of the night was when Paul, Joe, and I addressed the capacity crowd with our gratitude for a job well done and loving memories of Don. Almost the entire DLF VO Lab board was in attendance and shared the stage for a big round of applause. Great job everyone!  
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