The first entry in our Video Blog, or Vlog: traveling VO tech tip
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 12:59PM
George Whittam in Cool Tools


Recently I was commissioned by voice actor Chopper Bernet to assemble  VO2GO kit for his trip to Europe.  He gave me the special challange to keep the amount of equipment to an absolute minimum, since he and his family plan to check no baggage to make their lives easier and relieve the concern of lost baggage, which seems to happen more often than ever.  While the equipment list I choose has become pretty standard (416, MicPort Pro), the mic stand choices are many. 

As I was cleaning my office I re-found a cool camera tripod called the UltraPod, and an idea was born.  Why not use this tiny, fly weight and versitle tripod as a mic stand, too?  Not only is it as stable as the compact desktop tripod I usually provide, but it weighs less and can be strapped to poles, chairs, tree limbs, lamps, bike handlebars, ski poles, the list goes on!  However, using a camera tripod to mount a microphone posed a problem:  How to adapt the 1/4-20 thread to a standard 5/8" microphone clip?   A bit of searching found my answer. 

Why read when you can see in motion picture?  Check out the Vlog post!

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