The iPad- What is it good for? Save some trees for starters!
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 12:11AM
George Whittam

I've had me ear to the ground around all the speculation and excitement (and disappointment) about Apple's iPad appliance, hitting the streets this coming Saturday.  No one doubts it will be a cool gadget, but few really seem to know how it could be make useful in the context of a voice-over user's daily process.  However, while talking about this new must have "toy" from Apple with one of my clients, Scott Rummell, it suddenly came to light one of the most useful functions the iPad can serve right out of the box. 

Many voice actors have adopted the idea of reading copy from a computer screen, rather than paper.  While it works great in some scenarios, others may keep users from doing away with good ol' paper just yet.  What about being able to make a quick change to the copy with a pencil, for instance?  I see the iPad as being the ultimate way so far to receive, display, and mark-up copy in your voice-over booth. 

Here's the high points:

And the low points:

While looking for apps to support this post I stumbled upon Rehearsal.  While I am still a Blackberry stalwart, and therefor have no way to test this app first hand, I can say from their introductory video and reviews that it could be a killer app for voice actors.  It has some surprising features I would never have expected.  Do yourself a favor and check it out. 

Update on Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 11:51AM by Registered CommenterGeorge Whittam

Thanks Ed, your comment was right on point.  The inability to truely multitask is a definite minus.  I see it great for reading scripts, but how would you be able to run your recording computer simultaneously?  Another iPad?  The workaround is for some ingenious iPad developer to write an app that can do both. 

I think it is a matter of time before an out-board A/D device is available.  We've had ways (albeit mediocre ones) to connect professional mics to iPhones for some time now, but they are using the iPhone's on-board A/D coversion.  I think it is inevitable, but only Steve Jobs knows what he will and will not allow his latest pet project to do...

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