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VoiceLympics Cruise- Part 2

Day 2 for the NCL Pearl cruiseliner was spent anchored in the center of the Columbia river near Astoria, Oregon.  The ships little tenders shuttled passengers back and forth to shore all day.  I spent the morning prepping all of my recording equipment, ensuring I would have everything I'd need in the coming days at sea.  While I did well packing for the workshops, I did lousy packing my personal items.  I headed to town for the sole purpose of locating a charger for my Blackberry. 

One walking 24 block round trip later to a little cell phone shop straight outa Mayberry and I had my charger.  The shop owner was gracious enough to let me sit there and charge my phone for 30 minutes until it would power on again, just to be sure it was still functioning.  I didn't want to be late to the ship so I even walked past the town's brewery without a stop.  Never let a Blackberry run completely dead, if you can avoid it! 

Dinner that night was cleverly designed to give each student a chance to chat with coach.  I was the honorary coach at my table, representing the tecnical side of voiceover.  Fortunately we talked about much more than just tech, or it would have been one drab dinner.  Then off to an evening of music in the Spinnaker lounge (not too late, I had to be up early on Wednesday). 

Day 3 was the first day of VoiceLympics workshops, and it was a busy one for me.  In the hour before the three meeting rooms filled with eager students I had to setup recording equipment and train the operators how to run their systems.  I am glad I kept it simple as possible, equiping the three Mac Powerbooks supplied by Out Of Hear with TwistedWave recording software.  It only took a few minutes of instruction to get operator up to speed.  Other equipment in use included the CEntrance MicPort Pro for Bob Bergen's full day animation class, an Apogee Duet for Deb Munro and Julie Williams' classes, and a Mackie 1202 mixer and Aphex Headpod with Sony MDR-7506 headphones for Joyce Castellano's promo class.  Microphones included Sennheiser 416's, an Audio Technica 3035 and an MXL1006. 

I spent much of the day bouncing from room to room, answering questions and checking on the operators to ensure everyone was comfortable with their systems.  I logged onto the Internet periodically to check email while staying close by, always within earshot in case someone needed assistance.  Doug DeNance handled recording Julie's workshop nicely, but I took over for Deb's since Doug went on to work with Joyce after lunch.  We all worked together harmoneously, and it went smoother than I could imagine. 

After all of the classes wrapped up at 5PM, my next big task was to make sure each student had copies of their mic work transfered to flash drives.  With a nice break for dinner, Doug hung out with me until the task was finished after 9PM.  I packed up all the gear, and I called a porter to help me haul all the equipment back to my stateroom.  No more dragging gear case saround the ship for me!  We closed out the night hanging out in the club Bliss, listening to kareoke performances by our shipmates. 


Day 4 was our next day at port, this time in San Francisco.  Rather than just taking the day to relax aboard the ship I decided I'd take advantage of a chance to meet JS Gilbert and get a little walking tour of the area, including an amazing recording studio called Polarity Post. The facility was impeccably designed and maintained, with incredible attention to detail everywhere you looked.  Cheif Engineer Roger Wiersema graciously showed our group of 12 around and engineer Eduardo Mendoza demonstrated Studio 5 to us.  I enjoyed pointing out some of the finer details of the room that were easy to miss but contribute greatly to the sound quality of the studio. 

After a walk around Chinatown and a swing by Fisherman's Wharf to drop a few of our out of CA visitors, I headed back to the ship for a meeting with Julie Williams.  We discussed how we might work together in the future over a glass of wine while sitting on her balcony.  She hooked me into writing for her Voiceover Insider monthly e-publication, which I gladly took on.  Make sure you subscribe and read my first contribution in the October issue.

John Taylor and I did a test of Source Connect in our stateroom that evening after we were well out to sea.

Take a look at this video clip for the surprising results!


Stay tuned for the wrap-up...




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Thank you for the recap and the video! Very interesting stuff.

Kara Edwards

October 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKara Edwards

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