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Building the ERS Website with SquareSpace

Our revised website has been built almost entirely within the WYSIWYG editing environment of  What sets this service apart from other webpage building utilities is the infinite scaleability and continuous feature improvements available to the user.  Updating your website has never been this easy! Gotta whim to change the entire look of your site with new colors and layouts?  No problem, you can do this all from one screen and the changes are global.  This is the power of CSS, or cascading style sheets.  Usually the domain of the well healed web developer, CSS happens completely behind the scenes in Squarespace. 

Already have a blog built in MovableType, Wordpress, or another blogging tool?   You can EASILY import your existing blog into your Squarespace page so it blends seamlessly with your website's design.  Need a form to gather information?  It's in there, and it's EASY to build.  Photo gallery?  Check.  Like seeing site statistics?  There's oodles of info about your site's visitors dynamically updating. 

The catch?  Definitely watch their informative tutorial videos before you sign up for the 14 day try so you'll know if this service will work for your needs.  While the interface is really slick, it can be confusing at first.  If you ARE a web guru, it may feel limiting in some ways.  Want Flash?  You'll need to get it someplace else and embed it or upload it to your storage.  Some are concerned about their site being hosted on a closed system, but exporting to another server is not hard.  Even if you build a killer site in the first 14 days, you can move it on to another web server before your trial runs out.  I doubt you will, though. 

I may never go back to Dreamweaver again...


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