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Sync files with SugarSync: File backup & computer sync software for Mac, PC and mobile

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I am constantly on the lookout for an application or website that makes my life easier.  In this tireless pursuit, I get sidetracked far too often with a program that at first seems like a solution to a problem (or one I didn't know I had), only to be disappointed in a missing critical feature or lack of reliability.  This time, I found a real winner in SugarSync.

To sum up what SugarSync does, I think of it as MobileMe's iDisk feature, without the problems, and better features. 

For the Windows users out there, iDisk is Apple's version of a "cloud" computer where you can place files you want to have access to elsewhere.  It can also serve as a quasi FTP server, and does so quite well.   As long as you just access the iDisk files from the Apple server, all is well. But it's the iDisk Sync function, after several years in existence, that remains completely frustrating, unreliable, and horrible. 

SugarSync makes me jump for joy.   Why?

I recently hired an assistant, which was long overdue.  I've been getting her up to speed on how things work around here (or don't), and we've come a long way in the last month.  One issue that had me scratching my head, however, was how to keep the files that she works on in sync with mine.  I have a master Clients folder, for example, where I keep all information pertaining to each client (duh).  It rapidly became apparent that files she saved needed to end up on my computer at some point, and files created on mine, sent to hers.  I thought we might keep a central folder on a shared disk on my network, but I couldn't easily access said files with my Macbook while on site or traveling.   SugarSync rectified this problem, and so much more. 

Once I installed the FREE application on each of our computers, added the folders of interest as Sync folders to each computer, and linked them together, I was in synctofied heaven!
The initial sync took some time as it slowly uploaded the files to the SugarSync server, but as each file reached it, they magically appeared on the other computer, pretty much instantly.  No Sync button to push, server to mount, or wall with cracked plaster from my poor head (sending medical bills to Apple's MobileMe development team).  That feature alone was worth the price of admission.  I know... free (for up to 2GB of server space, $5/month for 30GB).   

But wait, there's more!!
1.  Share any file or folder with any person or group you like, password or no password, with read-write access control.  Great for collaborating or just sending files to your clients.
2.  Access all synced files from ANY computer on the Internet through the great web interface
3.  Access all synced files from your iPhone or Blackberry (my smartphone of choice).  You can take photos and copy files created on your mobile to the server wirelessly.   
4.  I am sure there's more, they keep adding features, and the blog lists new ways to use it all the time!


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Sugar sync gives you a lot of benefits that you can want.

October 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterShopping Cart

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