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YouMail - The ultimate voicemail system

I've been playing around with different voicemail services for a while, but I think I found one I am going to stick with for a while.  It's called YouMail, and it totally rocks. 

1-  It TRANSCRIBES your voicemails for you and emails them along with the audio recording.  The transcription is accurate because a human does the typing.  If you can't stand long voicemails, taking down notes while listening, and playing over and over to get that phone number, this is for you.  And since I tend to manage my life from my email Inbox, it ties it all together.

2- Custom greetings for each unique caller ID.  No, you don't have to do this, but it can be fun and incredibly useful.   Not only can you record your own messages in your studio and upload them, but they provide hundreds of pre-recorded messages for free, some funny, some serious, and some just plain clever.  If you get harrasing calls from the same phone numbers, just create a Call Group (I call it the "ditch list"), and assign it this greeting:
Female voice: "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed,
please check the number and dial again" (Repeats) then plays those the
annoying fast busy signal for about 40 seconds. 


If you decide to join, please follow the links from my blog or website, as their affiliate program gives me an itty-bitty credit if you sign up. 

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