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Don't text while driving, Jott instead!

Now more than ever, using a cell phone while driving has created a whole new level of distractions.  Not only are we making calls, but we are texting, checking the traffic on Google maps, and reading email.  OK, maybe by WE I mean ME.  But if this sounds familiar to you, you might want to check out JottJott does a lot of stuff, so I won't get into too much detail here.  I'll just tell you the cool stuff I've tried and know works well. 

  • Return an email
  • Send a reminder to yourself
  • Enter a task into your calendar
  • Reply to a text 
OK, so what's the big deal?  You do all of that with your VOICE. 
Jott listens to your message, transcribes it into text for you, and posts it to your calendar, sends it as an email, or any number of things.  And... it's FREE.

There are a few ways to use Jott from your cell phone.  You can install their application into your phone, which then integrates the Jott function into your messaging application and calendar.  Or you can just make a speed dialer entry to call Jott's 800 number and create entries this way.  The latter is my preferred method for Jotting while driving.  On my Blackberry I set the letter "J" as a speed dialer for Jott, and away I go. 

It has some issues translating your voice if you are driving in a particularly noisey car or standing on a busy intersection.  I've find I need to slow down a little to reduce the road noise in my Subaru, but those with a more sleek and modern car shouldn't have a problem.  Forget trying to use it with the top down on the freeway!   

Now if you get a Jott from me, you'll know what the heck this Jott thing is all about. 
Give it a try!

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