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Our Clients

The following client list represents Voice Actors, Studios, Talent Agencies, Bridging Services, as well as University Broadcast Radio stations. All of these names have one thing in common: George Whittam has personally worked with each one to provide an array of services ranging from designing and building a studio, providing technical advice, setting up ISDN services,  Source Connect, or building a VO2GO kit. Find out what George Whittam can do for you!

If you are a happy client and would like to join our growing list of amazing talent, please submit yours today, we'd appreciate it very much!

Lori Alan
Jamie Anderson 
John Armstrong 
Steve Barr
Chad Brannon
Kimberly D. Brooks
Peter Brooks
Jamie Buck
Stephen Busken
Joe Cappelletti
Connor Carson Heim
Stefan Chinell 
Joe Cipriano
Howard Cogan
Jonathan Cook
Phil Crowley
Jim Cummings
Joan Cusack
Doug deNance 
Melissa Disney 
Claire Dodin
Pat Duke
Ethan Erickson
Lee Eskey
Miguel Ferrer
Mark Fiore (Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist)
Sam Fontana
Pat Fraley
Pablo Francisco
Chris Fries 
Larissa Gallagher
Anne Ganguzza
Kevin Gershan
Kathy Grable
Cayman Grant
Susan Haight
Herb Heller
Chris Heward 
Jason Hildebrandt   
Jimmy Hodson
Kendra Hoffman  
Julian Holloway 
Rodd Houston 
T J Jones
KAPU Azusa Pacific University
Tom Kane  
Paige King
Don LaFontaine 
Vanessa Marshall
Aaron May
Jordan Marder
Steve Mason

Jason McCoy
Peter McHugh   
Mary McKitrick   
Diane Merritt   
Debbie Munro
Greg O'Neill
Out of Hear
Paul Pape
Howard Parker
Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo
Jim Pratt
Rhett S. Price
Paul Quinn   
Bill Ratner    
Linda Ristig  
Stephanie Riggio
Rick Robles 
Mark Rollings   
Scott Rummell   
SBV Sutton, Barth & Vennari Talent
Nick Schatzki 
Slot-1 Recording Studio
Stephen A Smith
Steve Stone
Joe Szymanski   
Jim Tasker
Nick Tate
John Taylor
Phil Terrence
Tom Test   
Randy Thomas   
Toy Box Entertainment
Kiff Vanden Heuvel  
Alex Verde 
Sylvia Villagran 
Rick Wasserman 
Rolonda Watts 
Beau Weaver
Debi Mae West 
Dean White
William Morris Endeavor
Jason Willinger 
Nancy Wolfson