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Bring George Out! 

Need a visit from George, anywhere in the WORLD?

We’ve come up with a way you and the other VO friends in your region can bring George to your town and share the costs of travel, making it more affordable.

Each person in the group will at minimum receive: 

  • A 30 minute pre-visit call so George can assess your space, equipment, and make recommendations.
  • 2 hour of tech time enhancing your spaces and equipment setup
    - George will install any recommended upgrades to the studio, and tweak the sound. 
    - He’ll leave you with a recording template (a Stack) tailored to your voice, your equipment, and your acoustics
  • 30 minutes of transit time (one-way) from the hotel


Here’s how it works: 

  1. As the host, you reach out to your local VO community through social media, a meetup group, email, or just make some calls. Let them know that if they’ve wanted to have George visit their studio, here’s their chance!
  2. Create a group of 2 or more people interested in Bringing George Out. 
  3. Complete the form below with all the required information for each member of the group. 
  4. We’ll calculate the cost for each person and send it them, along with the agreement explaining the details. 

 All this for $600 plus shared travel costs

If additional time is billed in $65/15 mins increments upon job completion.
If parts/materials are needed, they’ll be included on the individual member’s quote.