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Audiobook Mastering Setup
Processing Template with Tutorial Video

As low as $125!


Virtual Engineer- Audiobook Mastering

Template with Tutorial Video $200


Just getting started with audiobooks?

Or do you want to do more of the work yourself to save on production costs for a royalty share project?

Let us create the perfect audio processing settings for your voice, room, mic, and narration style.  

Mastering is a process that requires an engineer with great ears and processing skill to create the desired results.  But with our exclusive Virtual Engineer service, we can handle the toughest part of the process for you.

WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES to reproduce the right results with YOUR voice and software.  We’ll show you how in an easy to learn and repeat method, on almost any audio recording software available. 

We can work with:

  • TwistedWave for Mac (not iOS)
  • Sony SoundForge Pro for Windows
  • Adobe Audition for Mac or Windows
  • Pro Tools for Mac or Windows (Pro Tools 11 or newer recommend*)
  • Reaper for Mac or Windows
  • Audacity for Mac or Windows


If your DAW is not listed, let us know and we’ll connect you with someone who’s an expert on your DAW of choice.  *Pro Tools 10 and earlier require a convoluted and tedious process for mastering, you’ve been warned.


George Whittam will review your audio sample, come up with a processing scheme for your voice, style of read, and recording software.


  • The finished audio sample for approval
  • An effects processing stack, template, or screen shots (depending on your DAW)
  • A video tutorial explaining how to reproduce the settings into an easy to use preset!



Just follow the TWO easy steps!

STEP 1:  Order the Service

If you already purchased a TwistedWave Stack or Audition Rack for audiobooks and need to learn the mastering process, you can pay for the training portion alone for $125

Select your DAW

A surcharge of $50 is available for under 24 hour turnaround, click here to add 

STEP 2:  Send us your recording samples

Using the submission form below, please send your audio sample, the name and version of your DAW software, a description of your equipment, and the publisher for whom your audiobook is produced.  


Audio files should have the following criteria for best results:

1- 16bit 44.1kHz Mono  AIFF or WAV

2- A recorded and edited audiobook chapter (or excerpt) up to 8 minutes in length

3- A 30 second room tone file (start recording, leave room, come back, stop, remove noise at head and tail)

4- Filename(s) must start with your name

5- Include in a zip file with audio a text file with description of your equipment and software, and your contact information

Fill in your email address below, then on the next window drag in all the files for your project.


Upload Files through 


George will send back your goodies within a week in most cases.