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“Pro Tools is giving me error messages!”
“Clients say my audio sounds bad!” 
“I hear an echo in my headphones
and it sounds distorted!”


Time for upgrades? 
Thinking of building a studio?
Need those auditions to sound more professional?
Just bought Pro Tools but find it too complex and need training?

Just don’t know where to start??

Schedule a consultation with George, now!


George will get you started in the right direction, or help you improve the quality of your recordings, often without even setting foot in your home!  George Whittam’s golden ears and over 20 years pro-audio experience as an engineer and technician will walk you through the processes of improving your studio’s acoustics, tweaking your signal chain, dialing in processing, and smoothing out your workflow so you can get more work finished in less time. 


Take a look to what our clients say about our support services: 

Jim Tasker
-Voice of CBS Sports 

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I’ve had several compliments recently from mixers stating how incredible my set up sounds compared to the other sessions they have throughout the day and night.  Whatever magic you work you are doing it right… no words can express how grateful I am to know you. Thank you for helping me live my dream in the best way possible.. and you should know you are making many audio mixers in the world, VERY HAPPY! Of course I tell them it’s all because of George Whittam :)




Anthony Powell

“Few things are more stressful for a voice-over artist then having technical problems. That was the case for me on a recent directed session. Luckily, the voice-over community has access to George Whittam. George quickly and calmly accessed my computer, and detected the issue. We also trouble shooted some other technical issues. Thank you George! You have eased my anxiety TREMENDOUSLY!”

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